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The educational tour is organized every year for all students with staff members to the places of cultural and educational importance. The students gather a lot of information from the sites which they later submit as a report to the College.

Camp Activities

Harnessing youth power is the top most priority for the student community. Camp activities help the students to develop their leadership qualities and to have a strong awareness toward helping the community. Every year our B.Ed. students are made to participate in a five days citizenship training camp.

Games and Sports

Physical Education is an integral part of education. It is one of the most important co-curricular activities of our college. Our students participate enthusiastically in tournaments held in and outside the college and bag many prizes. The Annual Sports Meet is held every year.

Parent Teachers Association

Parent Teachers Meeting is held every year. An informal interaction between the staff members and parents takes place in such meetings. Suggestions are sought for the betterment of the student’s performance and excellence in academic activities.

Cultural activities

Cultural activities are held every year. Our students participate enthusiastically in every programmes held in and outside the college and bag many prizes.

Celebration of festivals and National days

All the national and international days and all the festivals irrespective of religion are celebrated by our students in a grand manner.