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Bridge Course

Bridge course programme is organize them for all the students to develop communication skills.

Micro Teaching Programme

Micro Teaching Programme is organized for all the students to practice teaching skills. The student teachers get an opportunity to develop their teaching skills through this. Their practice is video-graphed and played back for correction.

Macro Teaching Programme

Our students teachers are well oriented with teaching skills, different methods and techniques of teaching and models of teaching before the commencement teaching practice.

Our College students do 40 days of teaching practice in 20 different schools of Vilavancode and Kalkulam Taluks of Kanyakumari District. They are put in all types of schools like Government schools, Aided schools, Matriculation schools, and CBSE schools.

The teacher educators observe practice teaching class and their by identify the strength and weakness of the students based on this suggestions are given for improvement.

Guest Lectures

Guest lectures of eminent educationists are arranged for the students on various topics such as Soft Skills, Personality Development Programmes, Models of Teaching and value education. Government officials, doctors, professors and eminent scholars from all walks of life have visited our institution and delivered talks.

Buzz session

During a session of thirty minutes, the trainees select a relevant topic, discuss, present and evaluate it.

Study Circle

Students gather in their respective circles, study their day to day lessons and clarify their doubts.


All trainees of the college are divided into groups and put under the charge of a tutor. They are free to discuss issues, both personal and academic with the tutor individually and in groups.